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Thursday, November 4, 2010

End of October

 Halloween is of course done and over but being that I am the slowest blogger in the world I am still in Oct. as far as posts go.  I just have to do a quick recap and then it is on to all things Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

These pics were taken at Trunk or Treating where I gave out almost 150 suckers and gummi bears in less than 20 minutes.  Next year I will be better prepared, and with my vehicle as well.  Some of these trunks were so cool.  Pimped out with webs, flashing lights, pumpkins and music, very Halloweeny.



Between the Harvest Festival, our Par-tay, and trunk or treating you would think my kids would be rolling in would be wrong.  Here is what we ended up with, and this is from THREE children.

The reason for our lack of candy?  We were inundated with trick or treaters and not only gave away all of our candy, but the kids stash as well.  Since Halloween was on a Sunday our children were not allowed to go out trick or treating, but after all our previous fun they were more than fine with that.  They loved handing out candy and did not mind at all giving away all their loot.

 I was shocked but glad at how freely, even Ethan, loved making all the kids smile.  I said "It really is more blessed to give than to receive", and they all agreed.  I have a feeling their thinking will drastically change as they peruse all the Toys R us and Target flyers that will surely fill our mailbox in the coming weeks. 

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