The Wallworks

Friday, February 25, 2011

I can't be the only one........

Who still uses payphones 
Encourages the kids to be cheese snobs
Doesn't care that Walmart has no Customer Service (their prices are low for a reason)
Feels pride when my kids turn their noses up at store bought cupcakes 
Thinks the automatic doors on minivans are the best invention EVER
Encourages my 6 year old to use a sippy cup (less mess for me)
Uses a ziploc bag full of ice to store & smuggle frozen yogurt into the movies
Will see a cashew on my kitchen floor and not think twice about eating it
Wears a digital watch
Thinks hand sanitizer is grosser than not washing your hands
Doesn't want to be taller (I am 5'4")
Whose made fun of all those dog obsessed "parents".......only to become one myself


  1. Hi!!!!!!!! Okay, from now on I will commenting on your blog much more. I had tried a few times to comment and I didn't have success due to something technological....:) So my husband has now officially shown me what to do. I feel like I want to go back and comment on all of your blogs! Alright, first thing is that I have tried every recipe you have posted and have loved everyone of them. I make homemade vegetable soup, and beef stew and the list goes on but when I make it the way Marie Wallwork makes it, it's just better. I made the beef stew while family was here and it was proclaimed the best they had ever had-thank you for the food posts. I have the oatmeal almost every morning now for breakfast and again, I eat oatmeal all the time but now it's just better. Your blog about Ethan and the window had Kirk and I in histerics (spelling?) because I'm serious when I say if you have kids we are all going through the same things. We literally went through the same thing with the bed under the window and it lasted only so long because of course they couldn't listen and were destined to die by falling out of the flipping window. Hilarious. I love you and your blog and and I love you-did I say that already? :) I'm going to review a book I am reading soon on our blog, I think Emry might like it. It's called The Evolution of Calpernia Tate. Should I be emailing this.....:)

  2. I forgot to say I'm totally with you on the hand sanitizer, that stuff is nasty and weird.

  3. I want to be 5'4"... I think it is the perfect height! Nobody understand why I want to be 3 inches shorter though??

    Great point about the sippy cups...maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty in giving them away?