The Wallworks

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Childrens Play

Lila and her cousin Iree had this great idea to make a "beach" in the garage.  They played, had fun, ate lots of snacks, "biked", and apparently took over 100 pictures.  That's right.  Over 100.  Because who doesn't want to remember their day at the "beach"?

They were out there for hours.  Kids and their imagination, too cute.

But they don't have the market cornered on fun.  I loved having my brothers and sisters down to visit.  The best times were after the kids had gone to bed and we could just stay up all night talking like we used to when we all three shared a room growing up.

Too bad we had to wake up bleary eyed to those "cute, imaginative" kids demanding breakfast.


  1. kids are so creative...especially yours. that is so cute what they came up with...and the pics! awesome! and love the toe nail polish...i have one that looks to be about the same shade.

  2. ohhh beach day!!!

    last summer I took a stay cation for 9 days while my husband finished our rental house remodal stuff, so me and my toddler did "beach day" one of those days, only in the back yard.


  3. I love the beach pictures!!! So funny what kids come up with. Miss you and love you. Shauna

  4. How the creativity! I want to show this to my husband to prove that TV isn't necessary for entertainment!