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Thursday, April 14, 2011


My kids are genius'.

Legos are the best.  I played with them many many hours growing up.  I really wanted to watch The Brady Bunch or The Love Boat, but with 11 people, no DVR and usually a sports game playing with my Dad saying  *"look, there's only 6 minutes remaining on the clock" I was left to play alone.

*6 minutes in game time translates into about 45 minutes T.V. time, and that's not counting overtime.  Somehow my dad got away with this for years.  To this day I loathe televised sports.

So back to the brilliant minds that reside right here in my home.  I thought this was too cute.

There is a movie screen, seats, a control center with projector, a game with prizes next to a drinking fountain, oh the details!

Concession Stand complete with Freezers for ice cream, Happy Meals, and Display counter in front.
The gated area is a kid play place.  Ethan said it was for when the grown ups watched PG-13 movies.

 Of course all parents think their kids are highly intelligent, it's what we do.  I don't expect them to rule the world or anything.  I'd totally settle for President of the United States.  Have you seen the Lego creation?                                


  1. Wow - your kids have the most amazing legos! Maya's got a basic set or two and you'd better believe I'm not showing her this post because otherwise we'd be headed straight to the Toys R Us upon return back to LA!

  2. Legos are so fun! How cute you have flowers and fences. Love the movie theater creation they came up with. Ahh, so fun to be a kid again with our own kids!!