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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Magic

I wanted to surprise the kids with a good snack when they came home from school today.  They love the soft pretzels from the shops at the mall so I thought I would try and find a recipe similar to those.
THIS ONE came pretty darn close.  Even Glenn said they were the best he's ever had.  Wow, thanks honey.

I love how AllRecipes has the comment suggestions at the bottom. After reading through a dozen or so I took a few of the suggestions including decreasing the flour from 5 cups to 4.  While not as good as the mall pretzels, they were really soft and yummy.  And easy!  I'll have to keep practicing.

I love prepping food in the morning.   Better yet I love prepping and cooking food so that when dinner time comes all we have to do is sit down and chow.

I always lose steam as the day goes on.  Especially in the winter when it becomes dark, I always get anxious that I should be putting kids to bed, not starting on dinner.  So I adore my crock pot and use it a lot.

Seeing how I only have about an hour and a half of daylight by the time the kiddos are all home, I want to spend that with them at the park or on a bike ride, not in front of the stove.

I stumbled upon Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup on Kath's blog and thought 'oh yeah, split pea soup, why haven't I made that lately?'

So I did.

Plus a hearty healthy soup balances out all of this............

Physically the kids have 1 more day of school.  Mentally, they are already on Christmas break.  No homework tonight meant we could all snuggle up and watch Elf.  My kids loved it!

At the end a reporter says "I guess we'll never know what happened on this Christmas Eve" (or something similar).  Ethan said "I know what happened!" (meaning he knows Santa came)

Emry's in the know, Lila's not letting on if she's in the know.  But Ethan............he believes with his whole heart.  To see that wonder, there's nothing like it.  To experience Christmas through a child's eyes is the most wonderful experience.  I know it's only a matter of time.  But for now......these next couple of weeks and for a few Christmas' to come, I will bask in his wonder & awe. 



  1. Marie, the pretzels look bomb diggidy! It's so cold here, so I can imagine eating those right now.

    Yes, I am making that soup tomorrow night! I made Lentil soup tonight that was one of the best I've made. I'll blog it soon.

    PS. You're going to kill me, I think I lost those addresses....but hoping since you love me so much you'll hook me up again....pretty please? Love you so much, Shauna

  2. I have a recipe for soft pretzels that really does taste just like the mall! (Not that yours doesn't - as those are beautiful and perfect!!) I love the gingerbread girl that is covered with purple icing!!

  3. You're so right! Seeing it through a child's eyes is pure magic, and makes your heart feel like the Grinch's did when it grew and grew and grew!

    I need to try those pretzels! They look wonderful, and the comments at All Recipes are incredibly helpful!

  4. wow! I've never made pretzels..always thought they might be diff to make, will check it out. Love all that ginger bread man decos too! :)

  5. I buy frozen soft pretzels. I wonder if I could make these:) I might have to give it a try when my boys are home on break.

  6. Those pretzels look delicious! We are going to bake Christmas cookies soon but my daughter doesn't start Christmas break until next Friday.

  7. Those pretzels look mouth-watering! My husband would flip over backwards if I made them. Do you think you can sub out all or part of the flour with whole wheat or oat flour?
    I saw the pea soup on Kath's blog the other day and want to try it out, too! You know I adore my crockpot. :)

  8. Lauren the last time I made them I used half whole wheat. The definitely won't have the same chew. Maybe start off with 1/3 whole wheat and also use dough enhancer to gain back some of the fluffiness. You can find dough enhancer at health food stores or online.

    I actually like the heartiness of whole wheat but I was going for soft and fluffy mall pretzels. Sometimes only white flour will do.

    Try them, they are much easier than you think. They only need one raising. I love that. I also forgot to mention I cooked them at 415 per some of the suggestions.

  9. Ohh, soft pretzels are one of my all-time favorite treats. Can I come over and have one? :D I've never tried making my own, but there's a local restaurant that makes some that are to die for--plus they come with THREE types of mustard, and I do love my mustard...

  10. Oh yum! Please send me some of those delicious looking pretzels. :0)

  11. Yum yum yum! Those pretzels look beautiful! I wish you could send me one over email.....

  12. Those pretzels look amazing!

    Sounds like a fun evening with your kiddos. I love listening to kids this time of year. The 4 year old that I nanny is such a strong believer in Santa but also talks a lot about baby Jesus' birthday.... so sweet!

  13. Yep, I love it when kids still believe in Santa! The gifts from Santa were never wrapped in my house growing up, and I carried that tradition on with Hannah until she was about 12!

    Tony is home from the hospital and taking a much needed nap - so happy he's home!

  14. Those pretzels do look really delicious! I have never been brave enough to do more than heat up the frozen ones from the grocery store ;)

  15. I always want one of those mall pretzels...and so does Maya. But I know they are full of crap so I never buy them. What a fabulous idea to make them yourself. We both know that I don't have the skills to do this so I'll just admire yours from afar. They look divine!

    Have a lovely Sunday Marie!

  16. Love the pictures of the kids making cookies!

  17. Oh my gosh those pretzels. YUM!

  18. A very delicious post! Those pretzels look amazing! My husband LOVES split pea soup, but I'm not a fan so I don't make it, but I may have to surprise him.

    I also love the wonder of Christmas!

  19. Marie, the pretzels look wonderful. I'm planning on making that soup too. Got to figure out how to leave out the ham but add flavor. I think it's great when kids still believe in Santa!

  20. Yummy! Your blog always makes me so hungry!! The magic of Christmas through a child's eyes is the best! Kind of sad when they are in the know huh?

  21. Those pretzels look yummy! I LOVE the cinnamon sugar ones the best! Oh dear oh dear! I HATE that movie ELF and I don't know what it is about it that EVERYONE loves!!!!