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Sunday, December 11, 2011


I saw these snowflakes HERE  and thought them the perfect craft/snack.  Perfect in that their easy assembly and 3 ingredients appealed to my non-crafty lazy side.

Although I learned they aren't really for the lazy because you are left with tons of colored sugar throughout your now very sticky kitchen.

Probably just my kids.  They like to pretend it's snowing sugar.  So fun.

This is Emry with 2 little kids she was babysitting.  They look like they belong to us huh?  Apparently White People can all look alike too.

 So after a day of shopping, making gingerbread, 'easy' snowflakes and tons of cleaning we took our 3, my sisters 2, and the 2 Emry was babysitting to our church Nativity Festival.  Yes that's 7 children.  To a festival with tons of breakable Creche displays.

Glenn and I are super smart.

Our church does this every year and it is awesome!  It totally gets you in the Christmas spirit with all of the displays, music from groups and schools throughout the community and a room with an actual live nativity.

Didn't think it appropriate to take a picture of baby Jesus, but he was absolutely precious in his little manger.  The room they were in was decorated so authentic and Mary and Joseph looked so great with their robes and their little baby.  Although I did notice baby Jesus had "his" ears pierced.

LDS people from all over Temecula donate their Creche's to display.  The result is stunning.  Especially with a beautiful symphony singing and playing Christmas music.

This Harp music was lovely.  She was just your entrance entertainment.  As soon as you entered the main Hall there was choir upon choir singing and jingling their hearts out.

All our darlings.  Mine are as follows: Ethan with the 'I am going to ruin your picture' face, Emry with the 'I am hiding the sweater you made me wear because it's so ugly' pose, and Lila rockin' the hot pink leg warmers' because what else would you wear to visit 'Baby Jesus'.

I was on those kids the whole night.  'Don't touch', 'Back away', 'Stay together', 'Just look', 'No reaching', on and on and on.

That's why I love Glenn.  He's so chill.  He kinda, sorta parents differently than me.  You know me with no cell phone who's eyes never leave the 7 kids around all the hundreds of breakables.

Glenn knows how to put all the responsibility on me.

Well played Glenn.

Well played.


  1. Love the pictures, looks like you guys had a great time, how fun with the harp music- so pretty...and I am pretty much rolling on the floor with your white people comment, SO hilarious!!

  2. Marie, you're so funny. I am cracking up and then Kirk heard me so he had to come in and read and then do an imitation of Glenn on his cell phone like, "dude, I'm at the creche exhibit with seven kids, kids." Hahaha.

    I love our creche exhibit too. It's always in Palo Alto, kind of far, but amazing, very similar to yours.

    Okay, love you. Kirk and I are wrapping and drinking hot chocolate, it's freezing!!!

  3. What a beautiful nativity display. I love the costumed people - it really helps bring it all to life. We have taken our kids to displays like that, and by the time we leave, I just want to sit down in a park and let them run and touch everything!! It is stressful.

  4. Oh that looks like such a fun craft!! I can't wait to make stuff like that when my kiddo(s) get old enough.

  5. I love Christmas fairs! I spent the weekend going to some of the big ones in Boston, which was super fun. My mom used to take us when we were little...but we were only two kids, not seven. That deserves an award. Or a spa treatment. :-)

  6. The earrings on baby Jesus, LOL! My church does the live nativity and it's in someone's barn which is pretty cool, but I sure would love to be able to get a closer look at those nativity sets.

  7. Love your sparkles cookies. I made a pear cranberry upside down cake last night. Bad move on my part. Melted butter and sugar everywhere (and I don't even have any children to blame).

  8. those tortilla snowflakes are awesome! i have never seen those done before, so crafty! your children's faces are priceless too

  9. your hubby and mine can shake hands. *wink* haha..:) Such beautiful decorations!! we've nothing close to that over here. Blessed Christmas to you and family :)

  10. Oh, my husband has been taking lessons from your husband! I love that your church does this. What beautiful nativity sets!

    And I will be making those snowflake tortillas this year. How fun!

  11. If this was my family I would probably be the one on the phone.

  12. Your kids + their cousins and friends are so cute. Sounds like a fun night!

  13. I can't believe those snowflake things are actually edible... they look like decorations! So cool.

  14. Wow.. What a party.. I need to make those snowflake cookies they look so yummy!! Thanks for the compliments on my bloggy blog!! you are so sweet and yes the cupcakes were sooooo super easy for me who is not an artist!! xo

  15. Love that tortilla idea. I'm not a kid and I don't have kids...but I do believe I'll do it anyway :) Although sprinkles, like glitter, are one of those things that just make a disastrous mess.

  16. What a wonderful idea to do the display of the Nativities! There are so many intersting and unusual ones. I love it!